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Packmania Kit List

Posted on May 17th, 2016 by Jamie

Nights Away-Personal Kit List

Each Cub Scout will need to bring their own personal equipment (the following list is a guide only). Beavers, Cubs and Scouts should be encouraged to pack their on kit.


Need it Got it In the bag Item needed
Uniform, Activity trousers and Necker
Hoodie(s) (day & night)
Warm Sweater(s)
Casual Trousers (ideally not Jeans as they are hard to dry)
Waterproof Outer Garments
Hiking boots/strong shoes
Warm Hat (winter and cold evenings)
Gloves (winter and cold evenings)
T-shirts (warm days)
Shorts (warm days)
Indoor training shoes/pumps (for indoor activities on wet days)
Sun Hat (hot sunny days)
Pyjamas or Onesie
Personal Wash Kit & Tooth Brush
Cuddly Toy (optional)
Cub Centenary Cap (if you have one)
Old White T-shirt (required for the carnival Parade)
Old clothing to get wet and muddy in



Need it Got it In the bag Item needed
Rucksack/Kit bag
Small Day Rucksack
Water Bottle
Knife/fork/spoon/ plate/ dish/ mug/tee towel
Small hand Torch with spare batteries
Head torch with spare batteries
Sleeping Bag
Sleep Mat
Warm Blanket
Small First Aid Kit
Any specified medication clearly marked with your name on it
Plastic sac to put dirty and wet clothing in
Sun Protection Cream
Insect Repellent
Note book/ Diary and pen


Important Note: Can parents please make sure that their child(s) name is clearly marked on all items of clothing and equipment provided. This will make it easier for the leaders to return any lost property back to its rightful home after the event.

Download Here Camp Kit List


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