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Kingswood 2016

Posted on October 16th, 2016 by Jamie

Friday Photos

Saturday Photos

Sunday Photos

Hi all the forms and information fgor Kingswood is attached. I need the consent form and Photo Concent back before we go to save time when we get there. we will be arriving at

Kingswood – Peak Venture,

Huddersfield Road,

Penistone, Sheffield,

South Yorkshire,

S36 7GF

(for SatNav please use S36 7EZ)

Meeting place and time:
Friday 4th November 2016 5.00pm Main Car Park
Collection place and time:
Sunday 6th November 2016 1.30pm Main Car Park

Contact details during the event:
Jamie Booth Dobson 07988877501

Please do not ring the other leaders as we need to keep all communicstion through the same channels.

Please No Electronics to be taken as we cannot be responsable for them.

Photo Consent (Important)

concent-and-kit-list (Important)


Kingswood Conduct

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Crew Baree Parent Info

Posted on June 16th, 2016 by Jamie

Dear Scouts and Parents

Crew Baree is fast approaching, so we thought we’d fill you in on some of the finer details. Camp starts at 17:00 on the 24th June 2016, so please make sure you arrive, in your uniform, at

Hesley Wood Activity Centre White Lane Chapeltown Sheffield S35 2YH in good time. Leaders will be on site from around16:00.


When you arrive you will put up your own tent and then the Opening Ceremony will be around 20:00 supper will be available from the cook Tent From around 21:00. So please eat before you leave home!


Activities will run from Friday night until Sunday lunchtime (we won’t spoil it by telling you all the details of the activities). During the day you will have free reign over which activities you do, and we won’t follow you around or get in your way (apart from the occasional photo or video). But, we will be around if you need us for anything during the day (or night!). Whilst this is good news for you, it does mean that you will be expected to behave as Scouts (please remember your Scout Promise to keep the Scout Law).


All food is provided but you will be asked to cook. Drinks will be available throughout the day so you will need to bring a cup (which unfortunately you will need to wash up … so bring a tea-towel!). All food is included in your camp fee, so you don’t need to bring any money with you, but there is a shop on site and you can buy sweets and things if you want.


We will be camping outside and the nights may be cold and possibly wet. Therefore, please pack clothes that will keep you warm! Aim for several thin layers, as this will be better than one thick layer – remember you’ll also want to clamber about the activities. A waterproof coat is essential and waterproof trousers are recommended as we can’t trust our summer weather. Similarly trainers might be good for some activities but, if it gets muddy, walking boots might be your best bet. Pack some extra clothes for bedtime too – a hat and gloves will certainly help! Please also make sure you have a sleeping mat, as you’ll need some insulation from the ground (newspaper to spread under your sleeping mat is also a good addition). If you have a second sleeping bag, do bring it with you

– using two sleeping bags will keep you much warmer at night. Basically, bring lots of clothes! Too many, and being too warm, is better than being too cold! You may also need spares if the weather is wet. Please see the attached kit-list for a summary of the things you’ll need.

You won’t need your phone, camera, or other electronic devices (there is nowhere for you to charge them anyway!). Leaders will have phones and cameras and if you need to contact parents this will be done via the leaders.

Parents, please collect your Scout(s) at 16:00 on Sunday afternoon from Hesley Wood Activity Centre White Lane Chapeltown Sheffield S35 2YH. We will try to gather together in one place near the Main carpark, but do feel free to give simon or me a call when you arrive.

As always, please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions. See you there!


Standard Kit List

Scouts should be encouraged to pack their own rucksack/kit bag putting heavier items at the top with waterproof gear and a torch easily accessible.


  • SCOUT UNIFORM (Top half)
  • RUCKSACK/KIT BAG(S) (A waterproof rucksack liner is always advisable.)
  • SLEEPING BAG (Synthetic filled bags are easier to clean than natural filling. Zips can be a source of cold if no baffle is fitted.)
  • HEADGEAR (Cap & woolly hat)
  • PYJAMAS (Several thin layers are warmer than one thick one and warmth can be regulated more easily. Pack some gloves and wear a woolly hat if you get cold at night.)
  • WALKING BOOTS/STRONG SHOES (Optional but very strongly recommended.)
  • TORCH AND BATTERIES (Best to pack batteries separately. Torches can accidentally get switched on in the bag and run your batteries down.)
  • THICK POLYTHENE BAGS (to separate clean and dirty items.)


  • WRISTWATCH (Optional but encouraged.)
  • £10 POCKET MONEY (Optional – there are vending machines/shop on site)



Please ensure that your scout arrives at camp in top half uniform.

Please place name labels in all items of clothing and bedding. All other equipment must be labelled or engraved as appropriate. Nail varnished initials work well.

Please do not wear any jewellery unless it is for reasons of religious observance.

Mobile phones are not permitted on camp. Failure to comply with this requirement will be treated as a disciplinary matter. Other electronic items are discouraged; there are no charging facilities and necessary items, such as digital cameras and GPS devices will be provided.

Communication, as always, takes place via the Scout Leaders.

Your child is responsible for all their own personal items. 18th Hoyland Scout Group cannot be held liable for any items that are lost, stolen or damaged.


Emergancy Contact Card
1.     Jamie Booth Dobson- 07988877501
2.     Simon Lee – 07973726118
Event Centre Info:
Tel:- 0114 246 7912

Hesley Wood Activity Centre
White Lane
S35 2YH

Parent info pdf







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Packmania Kit List

Posted on May 17th, 2016 by Jamie

Nights Away-Personal Kit List

Each Cub Scout will need to bring their own personal equipment (the following list is a guide only). Beavers, Cubs and Scouts should be encouraged to pack their on kit.


Need it Got it In the bag Item needed
Uniform, Activity trousers and Necker
Hoodie(s) (day & night)
Warm Sweater(s)
Casual Trousers (ideally not Jeans as they are hard to dry)
Waterproof Outer Garments
Hiking boots/strong shoes
Warm Hat (winter and cold evenings)
Gloves (winter and cold evenings)
T-shirts (warm days)
Shorts (warm days)
Indoor training shoes/pumps (for indoor activities on wet days)
Sun Hat (hot sunny days)
Pyjamas or Onesie
Personal Wash Kit & Tooth Brush
Cuddly Toy (optional)
Cub Centenary Cap (if you have one)
Old White T-shirt (required for the carnival Parade)
Old clothing to get wet and muddy in



Need it Got it In the bag Item needed
Rucksack/Kit bag
Small Day Rucksack
Water Bottle
Knife/fork/spoon/ plate/ dish/ mug/tee towel
Small hand Torch with spare batteries
Head torch with spare batteries
Sleeping Bag
Sleep Mat
Warm Blanket
Small First Aid Kit
Any specified medication clearly marked with your name on it
Plastic sac to put dirty and wet clothing in
Sun Protection Cream
Insect Repellent
Note book/ Diary and pen


Important Note: Can parents please make sure that their child(s) name is clearly marked on all items of clothing and equipment provided. This will make it easier for the leaders to return any lost property back to its rightful home after the event.

Download Here Camp Kit List


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Information Forms

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by Jamie

Adult information form (PDF) – print friendly version

Adult information form (PDF) – editable version

Young person information form (PDF) – print friendly version

Young person information form (PDF) – editable version

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